Episode 013

Why You Need a Special Resume for Boards, with Matt Craven

Mar 27, 2019 | Boardroom Bound

You need a resume to apply for a board seat. But it should look very different from your executive resume! Matt Craven, an expert on personal branding and career development, gives clear, actionable guidance to build your board version.
About this episode

Writing a board of directors resume is much the same as writing any other executive resume, right?  NOT QUITE.

Some individuals expect resumes to all follow a specific, prescribed format.  And that might be true for entry-level and middle management jobs.

But it’s definitely not the resume version you’ll use to apply for a Board role.  Instead, you’ll want to use far more customized approach for writing a resume for a Board of Directors position.

Fortunately, on today’s show, our guest, Matt Craven, has all the answers.  He’s a personal branding and career development expert.  His focus is on helping aspiring and existing Directors to sell themselves more effectively and secure more Board roles.

Matt explains in great detail the methodologies he uses, including go-to-market descriptions and value proposition statements.  He shares how it all starts with fixing your audience in your mind. Simply ask yourself: What will be most important to the nominating and governance committees that will be selecting and interviewing candidates to fill vacancies of the board of directors?

And after walking us through the theory of how to craft a Board resume, Matt gets really practical by showing you.  Matt spends the latter part of the episode critiquing my Board resume.

Now, I felt good about my resume before the show started. But Matt founds lots of ways it could be improved. 

We knew this would be helpful — to see the before and after versions.  So we’re making them both available. (See the links at the bottom.)  I’m much more confident about my Board resume after Matt’s careful (and gentle) feedback.

Matt has generously offered to give the same complimentary resume critique to any of the Boardroom Bound tribe.  You’ll want to take advantage of this offer because one of the easiest ways to be passed over for a board position is by having a resume that reveals you might not yet know everything necessary to be inside the boardroom. 

I think this episode is going to be really helpful to you in your journey, so take a listen and use the guidance Matt shares to ensure you put your best foot (err, resume) forward.

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