Episode 144:

Exploring the Opportunities in Private Board Roles, with Scott Roulston

Sep 29, 2021 | Boardroom Bound

Diving into key aspects of the private boards.

About this episode

While public company boards often sit at the top of the mind for many who are boardroom bound, Scott Roulston joins us today to discusses keys to landing board seats, as well as the exciting opportunities that lie in private company board roles.


Scott has a thirty-year career in the asset and wealth management business in senior management and advisory positions. He started his career in when he took over from his father in 1990 to run Roulston & Company, an investment research and advisory firm located in Cleveland with offices in London and Hong Kong. He went on to sell that business in 2007, and later ran wealth management for a large Chicago Investment Advisor firm, and then became Advisory Partner for The Pritzker Organization. Scott has served on three public company boards, is currently board chairman of a public REIT, and has been a trustee of a major public pension fund and has served on several private company boards. He is also President of the new Cleveland Chapter of Private Directors Association.


In today’s episode, Scott dives into the essential takeaways from private board roles and discusses the changing landscape of boards today. As fewer and fewer companies choose to go public, private board roles are an area of growing opportunity and have become increasingly interesting. You won’t want to miss this episode of Boardroom Bound!


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