Stories and strategies from brilliant business minds

About the podcast

So, you want to be a successful board director? Find out what it takes to not only get into the boardroom, but to bring your best self and thrive in this leadership capacity. 

In the Boardroom Bound podcast, board aficionado Alexander Lowry brings listeners into the boardroom to hear tips, tactics and strategies from brilliant business minds and seasoned board members. Listeners will glean insight into the necessary branding, marketing, leadership and corporate governance skills as well as the business, strategic and financial acumen to lead in every sphere—from nonprofit to startup to corporate environments. 

Seasoned board experts will share:

  • Stories from their own board career journeys
  • The essential traits of a successful board member
  • Their take on the future of the boardroom
  • Advice for navigating common boardroom challenges

Whether you’re an aspiring or existing board member, this podcast will help you think about who you are and how you operate, so that you can build a successful career in the boardroom. 

About the host:

“I’m Alexander Lowry. I’ve spent my career in various forms of finance, strategy, organizational—and now, academic—leadership. Raised between New York City and New Jersey, I grew up surrounded by people working on Wall Street and Fortune 500 companies. 

My own board career started not long after I graduated from college and began my role as a management consultant. Outside of my day job—traveling the world to create out-of-the-box solutions for complex financial challenges—I served on the board of my alma mater as well as several local nonprofits. As my skillset grew, so did my board opportunities, including leading the investment committee of a $750 million pension. 

Next came a Wharton MBA and a five-year gig on Wall Street, where I helped lead several divisions of one of the largest banks. Today, my role as a finance faculty member and executive director of the graduate program in financial analysis at Gordon College connects my varied skills in organizational leadership, business strategy and consulting with my deep sector expertise. I continue to consult and lead several boards in fintech and financial services, helping them evaluate strategic options, implement solutions and manage the associated change.”

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