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The average person will work more than 90,000 hours in their lifetime.

In a culture where time is a commodity, the work we choose to invest in is one of the more powerful decisions we can make. But, let’s be honest, it’s usually a winding journey with some bumps in the road. Each week, we’ll talk with professionals on various points of that journey as they endure seasons of fulfillment, frustration, complacency and victory.

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Sarah Hague

Sarah completed her MSW practicum at Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney’s district office in NYC, where she still works as Deputy Chief of Staff. In this episode, we talk about the importance of women in politics, and some of the people who have had a significant impact on her career along the way.

Benji Suprice and Dennis Doran

Dennis Doran and Benji Suprice talk about their careers as they pertain to wealth, mentorship, and the sacred-secular divide in our work. Dennis serves as the director of the Trinity Fellows Initiative. Benji is a 2018 Gordon graduate and a current Trinity Fellow in the Charlottesville, VA program.

Jessie Saintcyr

In our first episode, we discuss the impact HR can have on our organization with alumni Jessie Saintcyr, as well as her early career planning, and the impactful work she’s doing with organizational alignment.

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Aaron Hicks

“I’m Aaron Hicks. Let’s get real about real-world work. Too often, our concept of vocation is skewed by ideals and external pressures. But maybe it’s not as complicated as it seems. Whether you’re just starting your career journey or are nearing the finish line, my goal is to share real stories of people like you to offer encouragement, motivation and levity.”  Read more →

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