Real people. Real work. Real stories.

About the podcast:

Are you going through a difficult career transition?
Trying to understand your place in the world of work?
Reveling in a recent or unprecedented accomplishment?
Planning your next professional move?

Wherever you are in your career journey, let’s be honest—you’re not alone. An average American will spend over 90,000 hours of their life working. Some of those hours are spent feeling energized and fulfilled; others are spent wondering when we’ll start feeling energized and fulfilled. In a culture where time is a commodity, the work we choose to invest in is one of the more powerful decisions we can make.

In this podcast, staff from the Career and Connection Institute at Gordon College talk to alumni and friends about their career journeys, including seasons of fulfillment, frustration, complacency and victory. Honest Work offers encouragement for those going through career challenges, motivation for those seeking career clarity, and enjoyment for anyone wanting to know about great work being done around the world.

About the host:

Aaron Hicks serves as the producer and host of Honest Work. He began working with Gordon College in 2016 as the internship coordinator in the Career and Connection Institute (formerly Career Services). In his current role, he works with students to explore their strengths and abilities, and think through how those connect with the ever-changing needs of the workplace. Prior to beginning this role, he served as an associate consultant with Beacon Hill Staffing Group, where he assisted job-seekers with employment leads, resume reviews, interview preparation and contract negotiation. 

Aaron is a graduate of Gordon College and during his time as a student, he served as a Presidential Fellow, Gordon College Student Association representative and Chapel Office intern. He has worked with audio production since 2007, and released a solo album titled 23 that is currently available on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon Music. Whenever able, he loves to spend time writing and recording music.

A dual-citizen of Canada and the United States, Aaron currently lives in Beverly, Massachusetts, with his wife, Rachel.

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